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Broken Arrow Farm

Pastured Poultry, Beef & Dairy Cows, Emus & Meat Rabbits  

Pastured Poultry

Specializing in raising Cornish Rock Fryers. Our chicks are started in a brooder & are fed non-medicated, chemical & hormone free chick starter. After 2 -4 weeks in the brooder the chicks are moved out to pasture and put in a chicken tractor. While in the chicken tractor the chickens benefit from eating fresh green grass, insects, along with a non-medicated, chemical & hormone free chick grower along with locally grown grain. The chicken tractor is moved to a new spot everyday, which gives the chickens access to fresh forage everyday. This results in a chicken that is juicy, tender, full of flavor and incomparable to anything you can find in the grocery store.

Our chickens are processed on the farm using NO chemicals, and commercial grade processing equipment. Once processed the fryers are packaged in a heat shrink bag, and placed in our walk in freezer, where they are ready for customers to pick them up.

Price - $4.25/lb dressed weight

We also sell packaged livers, hearts and gizzards - $4.25 / lb

Please feel free to e-mail, call, or text [email protected]

C. 605-840-8574